Get Ready for Some Zip Line Fun!
Experience the exhilarating thrill of a Zip Line Canopy Tour right in the heart of the beautiful, pristine Ozark Mountains at Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Soar through the air from up to 300+ feet high with cable lengths from up to 2000 feet long over vast gorgeous, beautiful Ozark hardwood trees and limestone cliffs. Our dense forest of hardwoods provide a wonderful setting for a nature filled experience guaranteed to satisfy thrill seekers from all walks of life.   
Our Zip Line is designed to offer the highest degree of safety while providing large or small groups, families, and private parties an exhilarating outdoor fun & safe adventure. Our trained staff will operate and deliver 2 hours of fun per tour for any persons 3 years of age or older.  We offer our services to families, couples or groups of any kind.
From a structural standpoint, our tree top canopy tour is a system of cables and platforms, wherein the participant "zips" through the treetops wearing a safety harness secured to the cable. Wooden Platforms suspended by cables serve as a landing base in each tree that you "zip” to and from on some cables and for others we launch from limestone cliffs. No wooden towers here! All natural and minimal hiking on clear cut trails finishing up at the bottom of the gorge where a heated or air-conditioned bus is waiting with smiling faces to take you back to the welcome center just minutes away.   |   Zip Line Eureka Springs  |  Ozark Mountain Ziplines at Eureka Springs  |  sitemap  |  Designed by

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Season opening date is March 9th, 2019!