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Eureka Springs Zipline

Job Opportunities

Position: Zipline Tour Guide

Guides lead groups safely and enthusiastically through our Ozark Mountain zipline canopy course.  Guides interact with customers and provide a memorable experience.

Guides show up on time ready to meet and gear up guests on their tour.  This includes a harness, helmet, gloves, and riding equipment. All equipment should be inspected prior to placing it on a customer.  Before each tour, both guides will give a safety speech that demonstrates proper zipline riding and protocol. Guides will be connecting people on and off the lines and must be able to pull themselves in up to 100 feet.  Receiving guides must be able to pull themselves plus customers into platforms up to 100 feet.  Guides are physically fit enough to do these tasks.  Along the way, guides should interact with their guests learning names, interests, and sharing knowledge and recommendations of Eureka Springs.  Encourage riders, especially those who are conquering fears.   Be sincere and don’t be afraid of sharing silly jokes and information!  After the tour, guides ungear the guests and repeat the process once again.

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